Saturday, April 25, 2009

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P.J. Brosseau is a comic book letterer who has done work for every major comic book company. 
He has never been arrested.

J.A. Redding is a graphic designer who has only worked for one comic book company. 
She also, has never been arrested...that I know of.

Story and artwork ©2009 P.J. Brosseau


Wet Willy said...

That's friggin' great! The drawing of the lead mischief maker looks like Tom Boyko.

How many new entries can we expect? Will there be anything about a 5 gallon jug of Vodka under a sink in an apartment you lived in?

Clever stuff.

Patrick said...

Thanks, Wet Willy! Although you seem to have a Tom Boyko fixation.

MacGruber said...

I agree. However, I think an episode on "pantsing" would be particularly poignant. Or perhaps something about having someone steal your lunch money or falling in the mud at school.

Swands said...

This is neato, P.J., very neato. Hat's off to J.A. as well, not getting arrested is harder than you think!

Ish300 said...

Keep 'em coming, Pat!

Hey, did you make a font of your lettering? It looks familiar!

Patrick said...

Yes, that is a font based on my lettering, good eye! Is this Geof, by the way?

ish300 said...

No, it's Tom...Tom Boyko.