Sunday, June 7, 2009

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P.J. Brosseau is a comic book letterer who has done work for every major comic book company. 
He has never been arrested.

J.A. Redding is a graphic designer who has only worked for one comic book company. 
She also, has never been arrested...that I know of.

Story and artwork ©2009 P.J. Brosseau


Destino said...

Ha. Clever.

Ish300 said...

I have a friend who tried to douse a couple of logs in the fireplace late one evening while visiting his girlfriend's family.

We didn't see her after that.

Swands said...

another eggsellent tale of youth gone mildly wild.

William said...

Nice work! Is this all building up to a story where you reveal you murdered someone when you were 14?

(Love the colors, too!)